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The native with Taurus Ascendant appreciates good food and a fine wine. He likes to look good and use various cosmetic and beauty products.

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Negative aspects with the Ascendant also can lead to the opposite situation: lazy person, without concern about physical appearance, or ways of dress. Daily Horoscope. Compatibility Horoscope. Rising Sign. Contact Horoscope.

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Rising sign. Zodiac signs. Taurus ascendant - Libra sign. These people are esthetics above all. Everything must be beautiful and in the right spot. They are perfectionists and tend to please themselves. They have a good power of regeneration. They are often very successful at work. They can be hard in relationships but if they are il love with the same combination they will be a perfect match.

What Does an Ascendant in Taurus Reveal?

This combination gives very interesting persons that merge passionate and calm approach. They may be excellent singers, not just because of their voice and act, but also because the audience loves them.

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They are very charismatic. They are passionate lovers. They are loyal in relationships. This is an interesting combination of a hedonist and a workaholic. Most often, they enjoy the work itself.

They are hedonists in love relationships too, they are dedicated and honest but they cant stand fights, jealousy and listening what they have to do. This combination gives very conservative people, cold on the outside, and contemplating hedonism on the inside. They love kitchen and children. They are great partners for marriage. Taurus ascendant — Aquarius sign.

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Their behavior is contradictory to their inner state. The eccentricity they express outside does not suit them well. Once you get to know them you are struggling with what to do with them. If you are this combination ,you have to learn to balance because pecause you will be misunderstood at work and in love relationships. You are great people for theater and TV shows. They may pass as artists, if they are not too untidy and if all Zodiac elements point to that. They are soft and calm.

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They are soft and calm even in relationships. Very romantic combination. November 6, Sanovnikopedija art , ascendant-compatibility , Astrological sign , how to , kitchen , regeneration , relationships , singers , Taurus ascendant , TV shows , workaholic.