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Uranus is now direct in motion. We just have to learn to navigate with a steady hand and an eye for abrupt changes. Both the Grand Irrationality AND the off-set 7th harmonic pulses made as planets aspect Uranus and Pluto get triggered every few weeks by transits, and of course the Moon triggers both of these 7 times each month. Everyone has been confronting inner compulsions, continual choices that seem to have a major impact on our destiny, and occasionally irrational behaviors in others or external conditions.

It is why things seem to have an unending hard edge, why so many choices are continually thrown in our faces that require immediate attention, and why reason seems to fail at critical moments of decision.

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This will become more evident in the Spring. The current degree spans that trigger this transformative mass configuration are around Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, 27 Scorpio-1 Sag, Capricorn, and Pisces. If you have a planet or angle in any of these zones, you are making critical choices and decisions that will alter your future in important ways. Neptune will continue to move forward out of the Pisces zone, but Uranus will have begun its non-stop occupancy of the Taurus zone by the Spring of Remember that in , , and Uranus has been and will be teaching us to listen to our inner voice to find our place in the Cosmic Choir.

This awakened in July , and was part of the spiritual training the Grand Fires Trines stimulated in our charts.

The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction

Remember that in any choir, there are times to sing unisons, times to sing harmonies, times to sing solo, and times not to sing at all. What is your part to sing? Be as clear as you can about what you can offer to the harmony of the whole, and keep training to bring it forth! The widespread irrationality is still in full swing, but with a harder edge than Neptune septile Pluto since Uranus is also semisquare Neptune, adding a very frictional "cutting and grinding" quality to the collective field.

TGI V. This chapter of global craziness won't be going away anytime soon, so get your navigational skills in shape to ride this storm out! I have offered this segment each month for years to give you a broader perspective on the collective atmosphere, and the long wave changes humanity is going through. The last half of helped many break out of their "chrysalis" and transform their lives and relationships. If you want to know what's coming for many years to come, take a look back at the intuitions and sense of belonging to a vaster interrelated whole you were shown in Spring and Summer of It may help to give a sense of our collective lesson in dissolving our separateness as we finish this transition through "the Winter of the 21st Century" on our way to Spring, beginning in !

In this chart, Chiron is direct at 30 Pisces. It first entered Aries in April , marking a new era of Chironic healing energies. When it again enters Aries in a few days, it will remain in that sign until when it enters Taurus.

With Chiron at the end of Pisces and beginning of Aries in , we were in an important position in space-time where we have had to embrace compassion, forgiveness, and a vast understanding of ourselves as Spirits having human experiences. And to be human is to be flawed. Those flaws provide the spur for us to overcome them by transmuting them into strengths and skills which serve a higher purpose in our lives. Jupiter and Uranus transited this span several times in , and what was awakened then and since then has prepared us for the current opportunities to heal or be mentored into our individuality.

The vision or the new truth and future which led to a personal revolution then can now be the source of us being mentored, or us mentoring others. We have been shown how to bless a lot as it flows down the time stream. Chiron transits help each of us heal anew through our positioning within collective consciousness.

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When in Pisces, we were mentored in Piscean ways. When in Aries, we are finding ways to mentor and be mentored in Aries, healing into our higher Self by moving into direct action, securing our initial position in the new Life, leading to a vision of a larger role to play in the future as an inspiration to others. Neptune shows us how to merge the sacred and the everyday in our lives. We now have received a new inspiration, and begun a long term collective renewal. This chart has Neptune at 16 Pisces.

Remember too that numerous Solar Eclipses in Pisces are still in effect. We had Eclipses at 30, 19, and 9 Pisces, all of which also had Neptune in Pisces. These have had a profound effect on the field of the collective consciousness, as well as the collective unconscious. The March Solar Eclipse at 9 Pisces continues to assist us in releasing the last baggage we no longer need over the next few years. When the NN is in Cancer, our greatest development is through our ability to be tender, caring, and nurturing of all that we feel close to.

Because the SN is in Capricorn, we will demonstrate these qualities through being mature and responsible, organized and willing to work to demonstrate our personal skills in forms of social power. The North Node in the last decan of Cancer brings a specific focus to the Pisces qualities of the sign of Cancer. This will bring forth more compassion and understanding, with less clutching and more of a sense of the timeless feeling factors that unite all of us in very personal ways.

These will express through the South Node in the Virgo decan of Capricorn.

MARS Square PLUTO: Empowering SELF MASTERY [Nov 5] Astrology Numerology Forecast

This should help us express our emotional growth through taking care of the details of a given thing, or at least paying attention to many small things that are necessary for the completeness of the growth of our emotional intelligence. We looked back at old relationships, and reconnected with a lot of memories, some of which are no doubt fond while others were expunged. The past few weeks brought a new level of purification and a more effective Light in our social existence.

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We continue to dump all kinds of old ghosts and elements of pride that would hinder our hearts from its authentic self-expression, and are getting clear about our priorities and what we should and should not expect of ourselves and others. The road ahead may or may not feel like a pilgrimage, but it is a journey into uncharted territory with vast potential for awakening and change. This winter, history is being made. Because Pluto was unknown before , we are the first generations to consciously experience a conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn. Respectively, these are the planets of power and transformation, responsibility and expansion.

The slow passage of Pluto through Capricorn, the sign of big business and big government, began in As expected, Pluto has spotlighted the existing hypocrisy and corruption in our major institutions. Attitudes towards politicians, plutocrats, religious leaders and the news media will grow more contentious with Jupiter in the Capricorn mix. Within the impressive healing potential of Pluto lies the redemption of fear, hatred and cruelty.

Indeed the coming months are rich with the possibilities of consciousness raising, unity of purpose and applied wisdom. Ultimately, the stars provide energy. Each of us must decide what to do with that energy. There will be plenty. The month begins with a burst of enthusiasm and a great desire to squeeze as much into each day as possible.

While some folks do their best impression of an idealistic Don Quixote, others may make silly mistakes. As best you can, deal with people you know you can trust. High hopes and spirited times continue as the Moon waxes full. Be careful the night of Friday the 13th.

Exact shortly after midnight on Saturday the 14th, the Moon is conjunct Neptune and the Virgo Sun is conjunct Mars, a volatile configuration. Feelings are super sensitive. Much is in flux on this full moon day. Mercury and Venus enter Libra, and Mars is opposite Neptune. Communicating can be challenging. Stay calm and work at it.

Grand Sextile/Star of David, July 29 2013

Saturn resumes forward motion on Wednesday the 18th. The direction shift may bring new life to some stalled projects.

Jupiter forms the final of three squares to Neptune at the last quarter Moon of Saturday the 21st. This is the stuff of overly optimistic expectations, misplaced trust and false information. Get your facts straight. It may be several days before progress can be reliably made as mixed trends dominate the week of the 23rd.

The 2020 ”Societal Reset” & “The Great Transformation“ 2020-2030

The Sun arrives in Libra, signaling the autumnal equinox on Monday the 23rd. For a brief time the forces of darkness and light are balanced. Focus now on peaceful relations, especially as the Libra new moon on Saturday the 28th emphasizes partnering. Easy does it on the 1st.

Venus is at odds with Pluto and the planet of transformation is stationed in preparation for turning direct on Thursday the 3rd. Give loved ones and essential allies respect but stand firm against those who make unreasonable demands. A series of planetary sign changes, Mercury into Scorpio, Mars into Libra, and Venus entering Scorpio, add to instability this first week of October.

Walk away from no-win situations. A break-up could feel liberating but with Pluto in the mix, obsessive thoughts can be haunting. Look beyond apparent losses and dramas. Trust that room for new opportunities is being created. Spirits are renewed the weekend of the 19th and 20th. Autumn deepens when the Sun enters Scorpio on Wednesday the 23rd. Moods turn more pensive as the hours of daylight decrease. The Scorpio new moon on Sunday the 27th coincides with a square between Mars and Saturn. This celestial time of new beginnings carries with it a stern reminder from the cosmos.

Be sure you know what you want and be willing to work for it. Words have consequences. The next morning Mercury turns retrograde and second thoughts could lead to different opinions and feelings. Halloween festivities are pleasant but relatively subdued as the Sagittarius Moon travels void of course. The month begins on an upbeat note. Venus pops into cheerful Sagittarius on the 1st. The skies are mostly mellow during the first few days of November.

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