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It follows the moon cycles just like the Indian lunar calendar. There are also other influences:. These 12 signs have become part of Tibetan astrology. Indian astrology also associates these 12 signs with the 12 houses of the Natal Chart. The rashis are divided into day and night Rashis. This indicates the times they are more powerful.

Each of these signs also represents different parts of the body. All these make it easier to determine specific associations when making predictions. These are the 27 Nakshatras. There are actually 28 Nakshatras one mansion covers two adjacent constellations. However, only 27 Nakshatras are important to draw up natal charts. Tibetan astrology has adopted these 27 Nakshatras along with their relationship to four of the five Indian elements air, water, earth, fire.

Further, Tibetan astrology also connects each of these Nakshatras to a Chinese element and direction. The positions of the nine Indian planets are very important in astrological calculations. All these nine planets including the shadow planets of Rahu and Ketu have been adapted into Tibetan astrology. Rahu and Ketu actually indicate the two lunar nodes, tracking their positions also makes it easy to predict the lunar and solar eclipses. This principle is present in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

The commentaries on Buddhism called Tengyur talso refers to this tantra.

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Swarodaya Tantra is a vital part of the calculations while creating an astrological profile of a person. Kalachakra Tantra: Kalachakra or the Wheel of Time is an important concept in Hinduism and it has been adopted into Tibetan Buddhist astrology.

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There is the Internal and external Kalachakra:. External Kalachakra tracks the movements of celestial objects like the stars, constellations, and the nine planets across the sky. These are important for designing the calendar, to track days, months, and years. These celestial movements are also tracked to determine their effects on an individuals life.

The Internal Kalachakra tracks the movement of internal energies within the body. These are the subtle energies called Nadis , the Chakras or centers at which the nadis meet, and the Pranas which are the internal winds and tracking their movements through the nadis. Another element in the internal Kalachakra is the Bindu or drops of vital energies. Thus, the internal chakra moves parallel to the external chakra according to past karma. As these external and internal energies interact, you experience pain or pleasure according to Karma.

The Tibetan Kalachakra is a bit different in its symbolic representation. It is in the form of a tortoise. The shell or upper part represents the Universe. The underside of the tortoise is inscribed with the various elements of astrology. It includes the wheel of the 12 animal signs in combination with the elements and directions of Chinese astrology.

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Thus, Tibetan astrology has taken elements from both Indian and Chinese astrology and combined all these to come up with their own unique system,. They are also used to assess the compatibility of couples before marriage, to fix wedding dates, etc. These astrological elements are also used to draw up calendars, fix dates for functions and ceremonies, to hoist prayer flags, fix dates for medical treatments, and so on. They are used to draw almanacs, which help predict the climate and harvest for that year.

Tibetan astrology is a complex system. It has absorbed and adapted many principles from Indian and Chinese astrological systems.

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Tibetans have then combined them with their own pre-Buddhist Bon religion beliefs to come up with a unique system all its own. Astrology , Astrology in other religions. Our world is full of wondrous creations including the plants, animals, humans and more.

There are mysteries surrounding our purpose and how everything came into…. Astral has two meanings, and one is the resemblance with the stars. The other is associated with the non-physical realm of existence within which the…. Every action we take has a reaction and a consequence. We hit someone and that someone will feel pain. The reaction of that pain might…. The importance of the Sun in Vedic astrology is immense. Sun is also the very essence of our life. As it is the head of….

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Historically, India has always been a country where the intelligentsia from around the globe have come together to create something new and unique. Astronomy as…. A horoscope comes through every day. Zodiac The zodiac system used is…. If you are thinking that astrology is restricted only to the pen and paper, then you are definitely wrong.

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