Aries synastry compatibility

Aries-Aquarius Compatibility

While Aries is dynamic, Capricorn is more grounded and practical. Aries and Capricorn are both Cardinal Signs.

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Both partners are initiators, but they have such widely varying goals and interests that they work better when they each have a particular, well-defined role. Aries is the leader on the surface — they rush out to get things going and knock down any barriers in the way. They each bring unique qualities to their union.

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage

Once they can learn to allow each other to be themselves they can blend well to make a whole. As with any relationship based in mutual love and respect, most obstacles can be overcome with sound communication and goodwill. What's in your future? Ask a psychic now.

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Pluto - Transformation, regeneration, power: in Signs and Houses:. Chiron - Wounded Healer, inner teacher: in Signs and Houses:.

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In regards to a relationship: Because the rising signs of two people dictate initial attraction, this is one of the areas where compatibility between the elements is not necessary. And, as the age-old saying goes: Opposites attract.

What Can Astrology Really Tell Us About Relationships? A Practical Guide

Hence, someone who has their ascendant in Capricorn might be attracted to an Aries, and vice-versa. Brownstone adds that the rising sign is also opposite the marriage house, or partnership house. For instance, if your southern node is in Cancer, your northern node is in Capricorn by default.

Romeo and Juliet, for instance, would definitely have had some nodal conjunctions.

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However, that would be the equivalent of taking a blood test and not fully reading it, or reading it selectively. A doctor would not just look at three things. They have to read the entire panel to draw any conclusions.

Synastry Inter-Aspect Series: MOON + MOON Compatibility

The truth is that your whole chart needs to be done in order to have any predictive value. It's a whole science, and the longer you study it, the more quickly and precisely you can come to conclusions. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it.

Here’s How To REALLY Find Out If You’re Compatible, Based On Your Astrology Birth Chart

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